The Orlando
Urban Film
Festival - 2023

"Where Imaginations Runs WOW!!!"

10th Anniversary Celebration, August 31st - September 2nd

We invite you to the 2023 OUFF 10th Anniversary Showcasing Global "Movie, Music, Art, Tech Content Creators" & Welcome South Africa & other African Countries. Bring the Whole Family and Enjoy!!!

Honorary Guest

Lionel C. Martin

Filmmaker, creator of classic hip hop and dope music videos, vinyl junkie, sneaker addict, a product of the Divine and truly Blessed.

Meet & Greet Hononary Guest, Director Music, Video, and Film Producer, the Iconic, Lionel C. Martin featuring his hit movie “How To Be A Player”. He will also discuss his time with Tupac and his videography work which consists of over 100 music video credits , as well as feature film credits with artists such as Shaq, Tupac, Whitney Houston, Usher and many more?

Come and Meet the Legend!!

Special Guest Performer

Dunn Pearson Jr

The Maestro/ The Black Beethoven/Music Minister

Here is your chance to Meet & Greet Dunn Pearson Jr., one of the most talented Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Producer and TV/Film Scorer of our time.

His credits video speaks for itself! SCREENING: Award Winning DocuDrama Biopic “Unhinged” Join Dunn as he shares HIS_STORY of his life’s musical journey (Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, O’Jays) and connecting filmmaking to Praise & Worship Pastor J & the Paul Family featuring Yale Gospel Choir

Meet Dunn Pearson Jr in 60 Seconds

Closing NiGht


Featuring Orlando Mass Choir and surprising special guests

Dunn aka the Black Beethoven will perform his Classical Renditions set to a Film montage of some the Biggest Urban Movies in history from the 1960’s (Sydney Portier) “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” to present day (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever). Including his own classics “Native Son” (Oprah Winfrey) to Spike Lee’s “Get On The Bus”, (Reginald Hudlin) Ride”.

Come and Enjoy the Show!!

about Us


About Us

The Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF) is a “Movie and Music Showcase” and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Our goal is to help filmmakers and music producers expose their creative projects through public platforms.

The OUFF Team has helped build the careers of many of today’s superstars. OUFF is energized by the diversity and inclusion of all types of cultural films, movies, documentaries, videos, shorts, clips, music and photography from content creators globally.


We honor and award the best talents and do not exclude entry to any creative works from other cultures. Creators’ works are displayed on the “BIG SCREEN” in major movie theaters.


The OUFF Young Directors and Artist’s Program educates young people on how to communicate and express their feelings through the use of reading, writing and the visual arts (images, audio, media)

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Marianne Eggleston| Founder

The Orlando Urban Film Festival

Celebrating Film Makers Globally

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The Orlando Urban Film Festival's (OUFF) mission is to help underserved African American content creators in film, music, art, and technology publish and perform their creative works in various public venues.

OUFF’s key objective is to help Content Creators display their works in a theatrical setting to the public on a “BIG SCREEN” in major movie theaters, or perform live on large venue stages and in our Metaverse Spaces.


We provide Content Creators and their works with much-needed media exposure to help advance their recognition in the entertainment marketplace as well as provide them with information and education to help gain exposure and access to sell their products in the major marketplaces. We also recognize, honor, and award the best talent, and we do not exclude entry of any creative works from other cultures globally.


The OUFF Young Director’s Program “Jump At The Sun” teaches young people key communication, visual, public speaking, and media arts skills. The goal is to help young people better communicate and express their feelings through the use of writing, images, audio, media, technology, and visual arts.

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OUFF 10th Anniversary

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OUFF's 2023 10th Anniversary Showcasing Global "Movie, Music, Art, Tech Content Creators" & Welcome South Africa & other African Countries

The Orlando Urban Film Festival

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