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THE YOUNG FILMMAKERS, Musicians/Performers, and Writers

THE YOUNG FILMMAKERS serves a diverse population of the Central Orlando, Florida area.  The program will be offered to the local community junior and senior high school.  Our initial program operation will be Winter-Spring Program: January, February, March, April and May. Summer-Fall Program: June, July, and August and an awards presentation in November 2020.

THE YOUNG FILMMAKERS Program is designed to enrich Orlando’s urban community by providing a diversified and creative filmmaker, music talent and writers program that reflects a creative learning experience. With the help of grants, scholarships, and fundraising we offer stellar education, instruction, and experience to students who otherwise may not be able to learn these types of professional and creative skills.

Orlando Urban Film Festival leaders provide the highest caliber of training by professional and degreed instructors of the liberal arts.

  1. Creative Expression and Positive Youth Development/Prevention;
  2. Historical and Cultural Context;
  3. Artistic Perception;
  4. Cultural Diversity and Arts empowering for the physically challenged;
  5. Established connections between the arts, language, math, science, and history.

Middle / High School Educational Programs

Ever wondered what goes into making a movie or music? Ever wanted to be part of the action? The Orlando Urban Film Festival’s Education Outreach Program is a great place to start! Designed specifically for middle and high school students, this weeklong program during school calendar year and summer allows you to join other students in creating a film from script to screen one day at a time.

Each day different aspects of filmmaking, music creatives, and writing will be explored with various Industry Professionals. From filmmakers lovers to writers to actors, these seminars are a great way to complement your school’s current curriculum with real-world exploration and application.

Filmmaker Panel
Friday, 2020 (TBA)
You will start with meeting filmmakers who have films in the Festival.  In this exclusive panel session, they’ll share their experiences making films and answer your questions about the process.

Screenwriting Day
Monday, 2020 (TBA)
Join other students in writing a script during the screenwriting day. A panel of successful screenwriters will share lessons and answer your questions, then help you in creating your own story. The best script moves on into pre-production!

Pre-Production Day
Wednesday, 2020 (TBA)
On pre-production day, you will learn from industry professionals about storyboarding a script and planning out shots. You will get to create a plan for filming the script using tools and terminology from the pros!

Production Day
Thursday, 2020 (TBA)
On production day, you will actually film the script using the materials from pre-production day. Working with actors and crew members, you will get to find out first-hand what it is like to be behind the camera, next to the lights, or holding the boom mic!

All four seminars take place from 9 am – 2 pm. School groups may sign up for one to four days! Tickets are $50 per student and include a box lunch and materials. Teachers and chaperones are complimentary (at least one adult must accompany every 10 students attending). Pre-registration through the schools is required.

You can sign up for just one day of learning, or follow the project through from start to finish by registering for the entire week. We look forward to seeing you and the new film you will help us create!

Please check again next year!

Program Contact:
Email Marianne Eggelston  at orlandourbanfilmfestival@gmail.com 

FREE Film Summer Camps

Each week-long event guides students (ages 12-18) in applying the fundamentals of film making to creating their own original short film. Students will develop the ability to collaborate with one another and learn how to leverage the strengths of their team. Through hands-on learning, students will actively participate in the technical elements of digital film making from pre- to post-production.