2022 Final Selections


2020 Year of the Nurse, director, Robyn Roots
Ferguson Rises, director, Mobolaji Olambiwonnu
The Road to Justice, Kaliya Warren and Brendan Hall
Son of a Sweeper, director, Lisa Mills
Sunlight Around the Corner, director, Alicia Aroche

Student Film Category

Tati the Great, director, Kelly Gray Bobino
Move, director, Aaron J. Brooks
From Heart to Pen, director, Anthony Canet Jr.
Apart, director, Eliar Tabrizi

Animation music video category

⬥ OUROBOROS, director, Heather Knott
Love Me, director, Amanda Phelps
WAP, directors, Will Thomas and Domingo Guyton
GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES, director, Christopher R. Owens, Alyssa Dann
2020 Year of the Nurse, director, Robyn Roots
Someday, director, Wes Clark


⬥ Gangsta Island, director, Ken Lewis
Collision, director, Quentin Washington
Predestined, director, Aaron Avant Johnson
Black Lady Goddess, director, Chelsea Odufu


⬥ Did Showing Up Save My Life-, director, Robyn Roots
Black Unicorn, director, Essex O’Brien
Second Try, director, Henrique Eller
The Company You Keep, director, Laura Fielder
Beautiful Violence, director, Joey Medina
Passage, director, David M. Massey
Mickey Hardaway, director, Marcellus Cox
The Runaway, directed by James Hakeem Fidel
White Tears, director, Tommy Franklin
Simulacrum, director, Ryan Barker
Soul Hood Prime, director, Carlos Smith II
When We Prey On Them, directors, Shirod Greene and Ronald Greene


WATCH YOUR SIX, director, Bryan Bostic
A MONSTER, director, Ronald Dillard, Jr.
Young and Reckless, director, Timothy Barker, Jr.
Connect, director, Bobby Huntley II


WIn Search of…Califia written by Phil Hollins and John McCarney
At the Mercy of Faith, written by Samuel Lee Taylor
Hidden, written by Patricia D. Lewis
The Madness of James Crowe, written by James Banner
The Legna Angel of Death, written by Tyrone Tizak Jackson